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A Game of Inches

(This is a late post. The author, M. Wells, wrote it prior to Jan 8, 2019. We're working on ways to deliver these in a more timely manor)

Whoever said, “it’s a game of inches” meant it! Sometimes it’s just a breath, the one that does or doesn’t blow the ref’s whistle. We are, after all, asking them to judge world class athletes at lightning speed in front of thousands. Seems like there’s a controversial call every week even with instant replay, but hey, I wouldn’t want the job.

Sometimes its just too close to call. When you get to talking about point spreads put out by the Vegas odds makers it’s even closer. If you fancy yourself a gambler you must understand these inches.

Wild card weekend I suggested the Seahawks would beat the Cowboys, taking Seahawks and the help (+2 ½)… Should I think I was smart? HaHa…

I’ve actually seen people win like that and look at their buddy and say “I told you so.” That’s so crazy. Dallas wins 24-22 over Seattle, the final score coming up on a 2 point conversion that Seattle had to go for because their kicker got hurt and they had no backup. Look for that to be on ESPN Bad Beats!

So if you told someone before the game that the kicker would get hurt then good job, because if he doesn’t the final score is 24-21 and your (+2 ½) is a loss, not a win.

It was funny watching my fellow Cowboys fans cheer the win and cuss the point spread loss all at the same time.

It’s important to grade your wins and losses if you wanna be any good at this.

We also had the Colts and the Chargers, both Vegas underdogs who won the game outright. Very good picks which almost seemed too easy. We also liked the Bears to win the game even though we were on Philly (+6) late. Well they lost 16-15 on the last second field goal that hit the upright and then bounced off the crossbar. There goes them inches again!

Now we’re on to the Divisional Round with some really good matchups. The Chiefs and the Colts start it off Saturday at Arrowhead. I’ve got to try the Colts and any help I can get based on Kansas City’s lack of defense. Patrick Mahomes will most definitely score, but I believe Andrew Luck will score even easier. I’ll tale the more experienced QB and Colts offense that will control the clock, steal a possession and stay turnover free. I like the Colts straight up, but to be safe, take the help. Closer to game time you should get the most help.

Once again, I’m a Cowboys fan. In the 4th Quarter on the Eagles and Bears game another member of the Cowboys Nation asked me who I was going for considering it would determine who we would play. I said, “Philly, I wanna play the Rams.” He said “But we already beat the Saints.” My thing is the Rams aren’t near as good at stopping the run. We should also have a fair amount of fans in L.A. Not so much in New Orleans. That somewhat negates the Rams homefield advantage. Another thing is physical teams such as Chicago and New Orleans gave the Rams hell. We’ve carried this, “Punch ‘em in the mouth!” mentality all year so let that be the bell!

Give me Dallas and the help. The most help should come early being Dallas is a “Glamour Team.”

The Chargers have the team to beat anyone, but Foxborough is a long way from L.A. and you’re not playing Lamar Jackson this week. Their game plan will be night and day and if you give Tom Brady chance after chance, he’ll seal the deal. I do like a lot about the Chargers but you have to put the teams away in the Playoffs, especially Legends.

People have talked all year about the decline of Brady, well we’ll see now that the games matter. Until proven otherwise I’m riding with the G.O.A.T. at home along with a coaching advantage and a bunch of big game players like Julian Edelman. Never mind the points, just give me New England with the outright win.

The last time the Eagles went to the Superdome it looked like the team spent all night on Bourbon Street before getting blown out. I remember thinking they looked like they gave up on the Season. Well here they are in their favorite roll as underdogs. They’ve got their swag back and I expect them to put up a fight, but New Orleans is a better team playing at home on a Super Bowl mission. No lines are out, but give me Drew Brees and the Saints straight up. The Eagles can start their offseason vacation in The French Quarter.

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