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My thoughts going into Super Bowl weekend

When I last checked in I said “It seems like there‘s a bad call every week.” I had no idea it would be this bad. The pass interference no-call in the Rams/Saints game was probably the wrost I’ve ever seen and I hate that we’re still talking about it.

The only positive I see is this will bring change, probably allowing coaches to challenge such plays in the last 2 minutes.

Some people were also upset with the officiating in the Patriots/Chiefs game, but I won’t go that far. New England had 6 penalties for 101 yards and Kansas City had only 4 for 28. Fair or unfair New England has a “cheater jacket” and I believe it fuels a subconscious bias. It just seems they get all the calls, but the box score shows that’s not the case.

Patrick Mahomes. .

He’s definitely “Got Next” that I believe. Him. Baxer Mayfield and Trevor Lawrence in a few years but for now Brady’s the man or if you like, the G.O.A.T.

I always try to be honest about sports. Popular or unpopular so I can’t pull any punches with Mahomes‘ great 2nd Half but what about the scoreless 1st Half. 16 for 31 passing isnt good enough. Niethier is taking sacks on 3rd down that take you out of field goal range. Getting outgained 524/290, or loosing the time of possession (43:59) to (20:53).

So as much as we love him with all the highlight, great personalit, no-look passes, etc.

I‘m going to pump the brakes just a little.

In the Fantasy football world we live in people love the stats and love the plays that make the top 10, but that often clouds our judgement in terms of picking winners and losers. A week earlier Phillip Rivers’ Fantasy score was higher than Tom Brady’s, but the actual performances were the complete opposite. Sometimes it’s good old fashion consistency that wins out. I’m so excited to watch Mahomes for years to come. I hope he does what all the greats before him have and takes a page out of Brady’s book with what he learned in this Playoff loss and uses this learning experience to grow.

Now we get a West Coast vs East Coast Super Bowl. The new wiz kid in McVay bs the old wizard in Belichick. The Dawg fight (Best Georgia Bulldog) Gurley vs Michael. It should be good and needs to be because people have a bad taste in their mouth (like they swallowed a whistle) after the conference championships.

If you would have talked to me over the last month you’d think I’m a Patriots fan. I even got the book titled The Big Book of Belichick by Alex Kirby. I just want to understand and appreciate greatness. Some people are probably throwing up in their mouths right now because they hate the Evil Empire but whether you hate them or love them, please don’t bet against them.

New England is way too experienced in Super Bowl games. I don’t discount that Ram’s DC Wade Phillips has been there and has the exact type of defense that has given Brady problems with a strong D-Line and good cover corners, but New England’s best weapons will test the middle of the defense which in my opinion is weak.

Edleman, Gronk and White will all have big games, I’ll say 20 combined receptions. Brady hasn’t been sacked in post season and if that remains true I see them pulling away in the 2nd half.

In the book, The Big Book of Belichick he talks about joint practices and how his DBs get a chance to go up against a lot of different receivers and learn how to cover them. Don’t forget Brandon Cooks was a Patriot so they have a very good feel for him. Priority one will be Gurley who hasn’t been himself and might be hurt more than we know, but limiting big plays by Cooks could be just as important. The familiarity of Cooks should play big. Never mind a week of joint practices, try a year.

This is gonna be chess on turf with two great coaches. Give me New England 31 to 27. Brady is the MVP and Gronk to make a big impact on two weeks rest. Goff throws at least one interception that hurts the Rams. Brady gets his 6th and hell the refs even get it right and call a good game.

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